Hi, I’m Jenny Ferry. A new paradigm educator + creator of INTRO TO SOUL SEX™. 

And I’m passionate about human liberation in every incarnation. 

I believe now is the time to awaken, heal + express our relational selves in healthy + generative ways. Mindfully. Respectfully. Compassionately. And playfully!

I believe we all want to live in a world of love and interconnectedness, intimacy and potent sexual experiences.

I believe we are ready to deeply access + redeem this primal aspect of our humanity that’s been co-opted by modernity.

Yet we won’t get there by turning a blind eye to the ravages of our personal + cultural wounds.

That’s why I created INTRO TO SOUL SEX™.

The INTRO TO SOUL SEX workshop is more than contemplative erotic education for adults. It’s cultural redemption.

I want to be surrounded by awakened, turned-on people who are co-creating the beautiful relationships — and world — our hearts know is possible.

I want to participate in community with conscious, heart-centered, and embodied humans who are committed to the healing of love, sex, and intimacy on our planet.

Truth is, we’re softwired for this.

That’s why Soul Sex, in its broadest context, can be embraced + practiced by humans of any gender, sexual orientation, preference + practice, and includes any relationship status or configuration. Because we’re not only human beings, we’re erotic beings.

Welcome to the emerging paradigm of intimate relating.

Get a glimpse of it here.

“When you wake up your sex, you wake up your life.”Jenny-Signature