Hi, I’m Jenny Ferry. A new paradigm educator + (soon-to-be-published) author. 

And I’m passionate about human liberation in every incarnation.

I believe it’s high time we learned how to awaken + express our relational selves in healthy + generative ways. Mindfully. Respectfully. Compassionately. And playfully!

Not in a rah-rah, hyped-up pseudo empowerment kind of way. Or by turning a blind eye to the ravages of our betrayal culture. But by deeply accessing + redeeming a primal aspect of our humanity that’s been co-opted by modernity.

That’s why I created Soul Sex™.

Soul Sex is more than contemplative sex education for grown-ups. It’s cultural redemption.

I want to be surrounded by awakened, turned-on people who are co-creating the beautiful relationships — and world — our hearts know is possible. In a conscious, heart-centered + embodied way.

Truth is, we’re softwired for this.

That’s why Soul Sex, in its broadest context, can be embraced + practiced by humans of any gender, sexual orientation, preference + practice, and includes any relationship status or configuration. Because we’re not only human beings, we’re sexual beings.

Welcome to the emerging paradigm of intimate relating.

Get a glimpse of it here.

“When you wake up your sex, you wake up your life.”Jenny-Signature