about jenny ferry

Jenny is a new paradigm educator leading others in co-creating conscious relationships on behalf of the beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

She is the creator of the ground-breaking INTRO TO SOUL SEX™ workshop taught exclusively in esteemed yoga studios that welcome non-asana, community enriching events, and she’s the author of The Soul Sex Sessions: Lessons in Redeeming Our Intimate Lives from the Culture of Violence (forthcoming).

     “I so clearly remember the first time I met Jenny Ferry. The energy she brought was so welcoming, easy and fun. Trust with a capital T! If you’re looking to change the game with sexuality, check her out.”

~Dave Brown, Campbell River, BC, Canada

Jenny Ferry is a well-seasoned leadership development specialist whose highly successful and diverse career spans three decades in the field of human development as an innovative facilitator and coach with a down-to-earth touch within Fortune 100s, top tier higher education, and global non-profits. Jenny is known for her high-integrity, energetic leadership and for her keen ability to envision and co-create life-affirming outcomes in complex and dynamic personal situations and group settings.

     “Jenny Ferry is on the pulse of it! It meaning cutting-edge global-changing ideas. She has the intellectual brilliance like very few.
     Rarely, have I met a human being who keeps me on my toes, on the edge of my seat with enthusiasm, awe and passion.”

~ Diane Israel, Trustee, Naropa University

Based on the West Coast of North America, Jenny holds a B.S. in Economics (summa cum laude), and a M.A. in Higher Education from The University of Arizona, as well as training through The Coaches Training Institute.

in my own words . . .

     “As a visionary social entrepreneur, educational change agent, and relational intuitive, I believe that cultural redemption is not only possible — but also THE vital and clarion call to awakening and action — on our planet as we individually and collectively seek a new story of human connection.”

~ Jenny Ferry

Let’s face it. The standard narrative of the dominant paradigm of human relating is deeply broken. Cue the bi-polar — manic / repressive — cacophony of sexuality and intimacy piped in by mainstream media and you quickly realize it’s overplayed and worn out.

But that’s a good thing. Because the sweet strains of possibility can serenade us, if we’re willing to let go of the old lyrics.

I believe it’s time for a new narrative. An unfolding story that invites us to co-create in the emerging now. A mindful, heart-centered, and embodied epic love story that ardently embraces mutual safety, trust, respect, and caring. One that invites us to remember and practice what it means to be fully human, in community with others who cherish these values while playfully seeing beyond our 3D senses to our transcendent, multi-dimensionality.

This new story may feel uncomfortable, paradoxical and contradictory. That’s because we’re growing into it. Together.

Yet it’s a story that sees us in our brokenness and doesn’t force us to be whole by conforming to the hyper-sexualized fairy tale that’s oozing out of our screens. At the same time, this story liberates us from the neo-con socially-sanctioned straitjacket that gags the primal flow of our life-force energy, including our erotic instincts and power.

A new story that recognizes we are ready to deeply heal by integrating our wild, grief-soaked and utterly heartbroken souls with our reverent, ever-grateful, joy-infused spiritual nature. One that makes peace of the war on the sexes while embracing gender expansiveness.

One that welcomes and celebrates the reunion of the sovereign and whole-hearted feminine and masculine.

One that allows us to reclaim this regal birthright so we can experience the joys of love and harmony while simultaneously honouring the grief and loss within our intimate relationships, our communities, and ultimately, in our world as a united human family.

Are you too seeking a new story of human connection?

I firmly believe we’re all in this together. Radically interconnected.

My own story is emblazoned with bold contradictions, ecstatic peaks, and likely many of the same painful pitfalls you’ve felt along the pathway to creating a new story of human relating.

So, it’s with sincere humility and a reverence for the mystery of Life and the on-going healing and transformation of ourselves and our beloved planet that I can share…

what’s true now:

My flagship workshopINTRO TO SOUL SEX™, has warmed hearts and sold-out from LA to Vancouver and everywhere in between.

Devout yoga teachers and wellness professionals are approaching me to participate in the inaugural Certified SOUL SEX™ Facilitator training launching Fall 2017 with the intention to teach and grow community around the flagship workshop.

I’ve also created the SOUL SEX™ MiniDeck, a provocative set of contemplative wisdom cards that spark intimate and sexual connection.

I’m focused on writing now and anticipating my first book release in 2017/2018.

I humbly share my gift of restoring healthy intimate and erotic expression and interaction in our world by serving evolving individuals and groups across the U.S. and Canada.

And you’re here.
And let me tell you…

It’s not luck,
It’s *magic.*

“Magic is the technology of the soul.” ~Pedro F. Báez

Reach out. Turn on.

Want a simple tool to get started? Check out the SOUL SEX™ MiniDeck.

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In gratitude + service,